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Verena & Sascha Konul
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The Future is no Coincidence

We help shape your digital future. We identify the necessary team and organisation skills for your digitisation strategy, find the right digital talent and executives, and actively integrate them into your organisation and projects.

To build successful teams for developing and implementing digital business models and solutions, we engage IT and technology professionals, high potentials, business process experts, experienced business developers and executives on a temporary and permanent basis. In over 20 years of experience as a management consultant, managing director, supervisory board member and investor in the IT, mechanical and plant engineering, consumer electronics and telecommunications industries, we have successfully implemented numerous digitisation projects. We know which strengths and implementation competencies are essential for successful teams for digitisation issues.

Konul.Digital –

Industry Know-How Implementation Expertise Network

Industry Know-How

Our in-depth knowledge of the mechanical and plant engineering, IT, telecommunications and consumer electronics industries

means that we understand the opportunities and challenges of digitisation for mid-sized companies.

Implementation Expertise

We have extensive experience in the development of digitisation strategies and the specific operational implementation of digital solutions and business models.

One of our top priorities is therefore to ensure an extensive and substantive integration of mediated candidates into new teams and existing organisations.


We have extensive experience in the development of digitisation strategies and the specific operational implementation of digital solutions and business models.

One of our top priorities is therefore to ensure an extensive and substantive integration of mediated candidates into new teams and existing organisations.

Konul.Digital – Business Services

Our services for businesses

  • Digital capabilities development

    The successful implementation of a digital strategy depends not only on the operative model, but also the business model. The operative model defines the required capabilities (skills) in terms of the employee, the systems and the infrastructure. Based on the existing digital capabilities, we work with you to develop your short- and long-term personnel strategy.

  • Digital talent search

    To ensure the successful digitisation of existing business areas, the development of new digital business ideas and company-wide transformation, digital talent is also required in all other areas of business beyond the IT and digitisation departments. This is why we engage not only developers and security experts, but also business developers, project managers or process experts with digitisation and industry know-how to ensure your company's success in both in the short- and long-term.

  • Executive search

    The ability to critically question long-standing solutions and business models is one of the key aspects of the job profile of future executives. Only with this talent can potential digitisation opportunities be recognised and put into practice. We find exactly such executives for key positions such as CEO, managing director, divisional and departmental heads from all key areas of business, such as sales, production, service, research & development, marketing, product management, finance, logistics, IT and human resources.

  • Advisory board search

    A company's successful strategic positioning in the digital future also requires the support of supervisory and advisory boards. Alongside classic monitoring functions, they must also be able to recognise the challenges that digital transformation presents and define guidelines and solutions accordingly. These roles can be successfully filled with Konul.Digital's international network of top executives.

Bringing you the Digital Future

With our expertise, we will successfully and efficiently bring your company's digitisation plans to fruition. We help shape your digital future so your company functions effectively.

Using our expertise on a wide variety of digitisation issues as well as the required organisational or project set-ups, we advise you on your current personal and organisational needs. As partner, we help you evaluate and define the necessary short- and long-term personal and organisational skills that will be required for digitising your business models - before we propose suitable candidates. In any case, we will find you the best candidates for key digital positions, such as CDO, CIO, Digital Business Developer, IT Project Manager or Process Expert, with knowledge of your digitisation issues and your industry. Together, we will build and expand a successful team for developing and implementing your digital business models and solutions. When it comes to executive and advisory board positions, we also have an international network of executives from a variety of sectors and branches, which we have built up personally over many years. Our services include active and supportive integration management of new candidates into teams and organisations. Once you have selected one of our proposed candidates and confirmed their suitability, our work is far from done. For quality assurance purposes, we remain available to you during the first months. This way, we support not only the departmental and HR managers but also the candidates in establishing a mutual understanding of the exact tasks and aims. We are also available for review meetings for all parties involved in our capacity as experienced interdisciplinary sparring partners and mentors.

Digital Capabilities Development

Konul.Digital – Business Candidates

Our services for candidates

  • Job Search

    We are your partner for seeking new and exciting challenges in the digital economy. Working together, we evaluate your skills and experience to ensure your best possible advancement in the digital future, whether it be in technology management, business development, supply chain management, R&D or other functions.

  • Project Search

    We find challenging assignments and projects for you in our network. Implement successful digital solutions and business models for interesting and appreciative clients. We integrate and support you in terms of the customer, allowing you to apply your skills in the best possible way.

  • Career Coaching

    Digitisation presents new challenges, as well as personal ones. We help systematically develop your implementation competence in terms of leadership and expertise. Reflect with us on your place in new, agile structures and open cultures of trust in order to reach your full potential. With our team of certified career coaches, we are your competent partner for all matters concerning your career, your vocational reorientation as well as your professional and personal advancement.

Work and Grow in Digital

Konul.Digital is your partner for exciting projects and interesting clients/employers to advance both personally and professionally.

You are a developer, digital business developer, project manager, process expert or executive with digitisation know-how...and looking for an exciting new employer or project. You want to apply and develop your skills but also be professionally integrated into your new role and position. Work with us! Extensive and substantive integration management is one of our top priorities. We have led a variety of project teams over the last 20 years and understand the challenges for new team members, freelancers, project and division heads and HR. As both freelancers and employees are expected to bridge skills gaps as smoothly as possible, we brief and instruct our candidates in detail and discuss both the specialist and team-related dynamic requirements. If necessary, we are also happy to coach and support our candidates during the introductory period or when implementing a project. Besides analysing the company's requirements, this also means that we guarantee a professional handling of the client's or new employer's expectations. When it comes to freelancers, we certainly do not aim to only engage them the one time. Our approach focuses on intense cooperation and long-term partnership. Only by doing so can we get to know one another really well and become long-term business partners.

Konul.Digital – Building the Future

Building the Future

Your digital future in the best hands

Our motivation as entrepreneurs is the sheer excitement and joy in creating new and promising things for the future. We love working with all types of people who, like us, like to question whether we can think differently in order to keep reaching new goals. People who share our enthusiasm for technology and gain similar enjoyment from developing and implementing the endless opportunities and potential that it offers.

Konul.Digital – Verena Konul

Verena Konul

Following an international degree in Business Administration at the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel, I worked as a management consultant in Europe and North America for six years. As project manager, I focussed on purchasing, supply chain management, service operations and customer care, as well as setting up organisational structures and organisational restructuring. Alongside my role as a management consultant I also trained as a business coach at the Munich Business School. I have been supporting companies and individual executives as a critical sparring partner during change situations and in developing leadership competencies since 2015. At Konul.Digital I am responsible for HR management, talent, executive and board acquisition, employment law and marketing.

Konul.Digital – Sascha Konul

Sascha Konul

After completing degrees in Business Administration and Telematics Management, I worked as project manager in the ecommerce department of a mid-sized German media company and as a corporate network project manager for a leading global telecom OEM in the 1990s. As managing director of a leading banking group in CEE, I took over the operative management of the bank's ebusiness and ebanking competence centre and a Telecom joint venture. As a management consultant, I then spent several years advising European and North American clients on strategy, operations and technology management with a focus on consumer electronics, telecommunications and IT, the energy industry, machinery and retail. As executive, I then took over the management of a company-wide transformation program for a leading global telecommunications manufacturer. At Konul.Digital I am responsible for sales, IT/technology management, integration management and finance. I also take on supervisory and advisory board functions at various technology companies.

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