Digital Talents

Digital Talents

How to attract digital talent to your business

The world of work is changing enormously as a result of digital transformation processes. Interdisciplinary digital natives with specialized technological know-how are thus becoming more important every day. The future success of your projects - and along with it, the development of your company - depends crucially on whether you succeed in bringing the right employees on board. We’ve provided a summary of what’s important when making these choices below.

Suitable candidates are also clients
Your desired candidates are in great demand on the job market. Conversely, this also means that they are in the situation of being able to choose freely which employer they want to work for. Therefore, remember to transform your recruiting process into a sales process at an early stage. Your future employees want to be courted and convinced by your company.

Employer branding: increasing attractiveness for employees
No employee wants to buy a pig in a poke. Make sure in advance that a job-seeking candidate has the chance to get a comprehensive and positive impression of your company. A stringent social media presence, a sympathetic and modern website and a company blog will help you set the course. It’s also important that your employees give an honest and positive insight into how everyday work is organized in networks such as XING and LinkedIn.

Social media platforms: Recruiting 2.0
You’re looking for digital natives. This being the case, it’s therefore advisable to address them in your own environment. Instead of using classic job ads, in the search for digital talents, it’s definitely worth breaking new ground. Use platforms such as XING, LinkedIn or Facebook to make a contemporary first impression simply by choosing the medium. Social media platforms offer numerous possibilities to establish a community around your company. Create a profile that looks attractive to potential new employees in advance through interesting insights.

Clear formulation of individual tasks in the company context
Once your desired candidate has become aware of your company, he or she expects a comprehensive description of their future tasks. It’s not just about hard facts. Development opportunities and corporate values also play a decisive role for the new generation of employees. In the war for talent, make sure you present all your advantages and USPs as an employer in the best possible way.

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