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How to keep digital talent in your company

Competition for digital talent is fierce. Once you’ve found yourself a suitable candidate and he’s decided on your company, you should strive to lock him in for the long haul. Digital natives are hard to find on the market, which is why you should do everything you can to keep great talent and experts in your company. Read here what you can do to offer attractive perspectives for as long as possible.

Leading the way in digitization
Digital talents want to do cutting edge work. This makes it all the more important for your company to present a clear digital strategy with a vision for the future. The willingness to break new ground and get involved in digital trends is a key factor. The more progressive and the more innovative you are, the better. Generation Y employees require continuous further development and this should be an essential part of your corporate culture

Intensive onboarding in the first months
In order to integrate into your company as quickly as possible and find a place in the organization, comprehensive onboarding is indispensable. Ideally, you’ll provide a partner from the employee’s future department who will come alongside for the first few weeks and be available as a sparring partner. In this instance, your employment agency is at your disposal with digital experts for review meetings, as well as a professional interdisciplinary sparring partner and coach for all participants. This ensures that you’re able to act when building your digital future.

Promoting a culture of learning in the workplace
Digitally experienced employees see themselves as drivers of innovation and want to be integrated into processes. Define career paths and provide development opportunities in the organization. This is less about factors such as age or length of service. Compile which digital skills are necessary on which job level and offer the opportunity - for example through conference participation - to further one’s personal education. Create an environment in which experimentation and self-organized but supported learning are part of the process.

Increase employee satisfaction through targeted measures
Offer a modern working environment. Attractive and multi-faceted tasks with the opportunity to assume responsibility are just as relevant to prospective employees as a collaborative and flexible working environment. Create an atmosphere of innovation and openness to new technologies and ideas.

Ample space to develop key talent for managers
In a digitally driven, modern company, the classic authority concept is increasingly receding into the background. Highly qualified employees value cooperation in partnership, oriented towards personal goals with a culture of trust more than strict guidelines. Give your managers the freedom to work on projects and identify, support and promote potential key employees in their daily work.

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