Building the Digital Future

Building the Digital Future

The Future is no Coincidence

We help shape your digital future. We identify the necessary team and organisation skills for your digitisation strategy, find the right digital talent and executives, and actively integrate them into your organisation and projects.

To build successful teams for developing and implementing digital business models and solutions, we engage IT and technology professionals, high potentials, business process experts, experienced business developers and executives on a temporary and permanent basis.

In over 20 years of experience as a management consultant, managing director, supervisory board member and investor in the IT, mechanical and plant engineering, consumer electronics and telecommunications industries, we have successfully implemented numerous digitisation projects. We know which strengths and implementation competencies are essential for successful teams for digitisation issues.

How we differentiate

Industry Know-How

Our in-depth knowledge of the mechanical and plant engineering, IT, telecommunications, consumer electronics and consulting industries means that we understand the opportunities and challenges of digitisation for large and mid-sized companies.

Implementation Expertise

We have extensive experience in the development of digitisation strategies and the specific operational implementation of digital solutions and business models. One of our top priorities is therefore to ensure an extensive and substantive integration of mediated candidates into new teams and existing organisations.


We have an international network of digital talents, specialists and executives, which has been built up over many years. You too can benefit from this, whether you are seeking expert advice on a specific issue or reinforcement for your implementation team.

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