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7-point plan for freelancer

As a freelancer, you're an expert in a specific subject. You're hired and paid for these skills. Until then, it’s really up to you to convince a company that you're the right person for the job. Your self-marketing skills need to really shine. Not only should you be impressive professionally, but also be convincing in your presentation and appearance. This significantly improves the chances of being awarded the contract.

Contemporary external image
The days of simply listing accomplishments on a printed curricula vitae and sending it into the company are long gone. In order to stand apart, you should also use modern media, especially if you work in the digital environment. Create your own website or a web business card with the corresponding contact options and use networks such as XING or LinkedIN to make your profile accessible for interested companies.

Consistency is important
Keep track of the profiles, pages and platforms where you can be found at all times. If something changes in your skill set or if new references need to be added, make sure that this is modified accordingly in all media. Nothing seems more unprofessional than a random, outdated career post.

Hone your personality
You don't just sell skills, you sell yourself, too! It's therefore important that you highlight your strengths and develop your own personality. Which topics suit you best? What skills do you have? What soft skills can you contribute to a team that go beyond your professional performance? How do you approach projects? Provide a little insight into what companies can expect from you. Important: Don't embellish the facts. The more authentic you appear, the more credible your profile will be.

Providing detailed insights
No company wants to buy a pig in a poke. When applying to a company in the field where you want to work, enter reference projects and describe which tasks you worked on previously and how you successfully completed them. In addition, you should have at least two references that potential clients can contact to convince themselves of your abilities.

What about numbers?
Numbers are powerful tools and immediately catch the eye. Don’t be afraid to express your career to date in convincing figures. So you've written 100,000 lines of code? Managed 35 projects? 15 years in business? Great!

These figures deserve to be mentioned and will impress your future client.

Focus, please
If you're shortlisted, structure the interview. Focus on your top skills and explain why you're simply the best choice for the job. Emphasize your strengths and the added value that you can bring to the project and the company.

Good accessibility
It's not merely good enough to state that you work properly and react quickly. Demonstrate your skills and respond quickly to calls and emails. This instills a good feeling in your client in advance and signals interest and commitment

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